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Another of my favorite pictures from Disneyland.  Fountains are fascinating, no matter where they are.  Here is proof.

They could have spent hours watching the “loud fountain”, as my two-year old called it.  And, yes, there was a “quiet fountain”, which of course, was smaller.  I love how he chooses to describe things.  I mean, any old toddler can tell you that it is tall and big, but to choose to describe it as loud. I absolutely love that.  Kisses to my boys.  And, to happy memories.


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Very soon my husband, the two boys, my mother and father-in-law, and sister and brother-in-law will be cruising around the Disneyland Resort, staying at the Grand Californian, and even enjoying a fun-filled Character Breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen.  But, what to wear?  Especially since the pool is going to get some quality play time, too.  I mean, have you seen it?

Photo courtesy of magicalmousecapades.com

I have worn a two piece since the baby was born, but it’s kind of like wearing open-toed shoes when you’re in bad need of a pedicure: I really shouldn’t.  So, I picked up this cute little suit while shopping online at JCrew today:


Here’s to hoping it a) doesn’t look too old on me, b) fits, and c) looks decent.  I have bought lots of swimwear online at JCrew before, but it’s always been bikini separates, and I know how those fit me.  A one piece is a whole different ballgame.  However, this was on sale, and I got an extra 30% off, so what was originally $88, I paid just over $20 for.

As for clothing for the rest of the trip, I also picked up a short-sleeved denim top perfect for layering when mornings are cool:


This shirt should be comfy (for long days) and will offer a little more style than a staple, such as a t-shirt.  I also plan on bringing an assortment of capris, and shorts, such as these, also from JCrew:


These are my favorite shorts.  Ever.  They are comfortable, flattering, and come in a rainbow of colors.  And, being from JCrew, I know the fit will be consistent.  Sold!  Over the years I have purchased many pairs of the JCrew Chino shorts.  It seems I collect them in different lengths and colors.  The good news?  I can attest to the fact that they wear well, too.  I have a couple pairs that are at least 6 years old.

I also plan on bringing my Teva’s (they might not be fashion-forward, but they are comfy, and go with most anything):


My final must-haves for this vacation will be my lightweight, zip-up hoodie (the best layering piece for a casual vacation), and in case I actually get to go out to dinner . . . a great pair of jeans from the Gap (with a pair of flats).  My current favorite is the 1969 Perfect Boot Jeans:


So, there you have it.  Flattering, comfortable, and stylish clothes, perfect for a casual vacation.

What are your favorite vacation clothing picks?

Note: For more great ideas on style and fashion, check out Musings of a Housewife.  She should know, she also co-owns All Things Chic!

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Maybe someday camping won’t be as much work as it is right now.  One can hope.

I cannot wait for the day I can say to my crew, “Pack your bags, we’re going to the Lake!”  Heck, I’d even settle for “grab the bag I packed for you, it’s at the top of the stairs!”.  Those days are quite a ways away for me.  My oldest being 5, and the youngest not even crawling yet, and all.  But, I still do it.  Why?  Because it’s so much darned fun.

Last year, my best friend and I took our collective four boys camping.  We each had nice round 6 month pregnant bellies.  People must have thought we were crazy.  But, you know what?  Once the prep is done, camping is not any harder than staying at home.  In fact, sometimes it’s actually easier.  Entertainment is literally at your doorstep.

We just returned from our (most likely) last camping trip of the season.  My boys had a blast.  First off, we went camping.  Simply doing that is a thrill (hey, they’re little, and they’re boys).  Second, we went with my best friend and her boys (double the fun).  The four of them are really like cousins.  Which is a good thing since my kids will most likely never have cousins (and that is also a good thing).  Thirdly, we rented a boat.  Like a whole, real, boat.  With a motor and everything.  My oldest son had 77 questions to ask me about said boat before we even arrived.  Would his name be on the boat?  Could he put his name on the boat?  (WTF?!?!)  Where do we jump off?  Does it drive with a pedal like a car or a lever?  How fast does it go?  Can we sit on the front?  You get the picture.

Surprise!  It was fun for the grown-ups, too!  I hadn’t been on a ski (ok, any kind) of boat in approximately 18 years (I wish I was joking).  And, I did something I’ve never done before:  I wakeboarded.  It was serious fun.  And I was seriously sore the next morning.  Thanks for the reminder, neck, shoulders, arms, and back, I know I’m not 17 anymore.

So, we did big fun stuff, and we did small fun stuff.  This is one of my favorite pictures of the whole trip.  My middle son adores the swing.  He could swing all day long.  And, with this view, I could push him all day long.  Well, until I was ready for a sandwich.  Or some Merlot.

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