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Before I was a parent, summer was always my favorite season.  What’s not to like, I ask you?  Warm, welcoming sun, cool, slippery water, comfy flip flops, sweet, drippy popsicles, and the fresh smell of sunscreen.  I love it all.  I still love summer, as a Mom.  Our schedule is more lax, and the kids can stay up later.  We have lots of fires in the fire pit, and we go to the waterpark as often as we can (not often enough this summer!).  We go on lots of camping trips, and spend time at the pool with friends.  We also head down to the River Walk in downtown and dip our feet in the frigid, rushing water.  Everyone loves it.  Especially the baby.   She only complained when I took her feet out of the water!

This is one of the few quiet moments when the boys weren’t jumping, climbing, and having all kinds of adventures on the rocks.

That being said, I think Fall is starting to one-up Summer in the favorite season department.  There is so much to look forward to.  I love the crisp weather, fluffy sweatshirts, snuggling the kids up in their cozy jammies, visiting the Pumpkin Patch, trick-or-treating, Thanksgiving . . . the list goes on!  We are really just entering the memory making years for our kids (ages 5, 2, and 10 months), and I think Fall is one of the richest times for tradition and family.

So, while I’m still making my way through my late-summer bucket list, here are a few things I am most anticipating in the next three months:

  1. Apple Picking (have not done this yet with the kids)
  2. Pumpkin Patch
  3. Thanksgiving
  4. Pumpkin Spice Latte
  5. Cool morning walks
  6. Baking with my kids (so much more fun in the cooler weather!)
  7. New fall season of my favorite tv shows (Note: I don’t watch much  tv, but once the summer winds to an end, I really start craving a little CSI and Modern Family!)
So, tell me, what are your favorite fall traditions?  What are you most anticipating?

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Let me start by saying I am trying to be a more thoughtful and purposeful picture taker.  I am not a great photographer.  Not even a really good photographer.  I am learning. I am practicing.  I am self-taught.  So far.

By practicing and taking pictures with a little more thought, I am taking pictures of things I never would have thought to focus on before.  Like feet.

I am not a huge fan of feet.  They get us where we need to go.  They aren’t necessarily pretty.  Kids feet are at least cute, especially when in Crocs.  I know that is a controversial statement, so feel free to let the comments fly on that one!  And, you can thank me later, I have spared you photos of my feet.  Bare, with tan lines, and in desperate need of a pedi.  You are welcome.

But here is a little collection of pics I’ve taken this summer, and one that was part of my maternity session when I was pregnant with Bdog, courtesy of Emily Main Photography (I was so lucky to have her do that shoot, she only does weddings and boudoir photography, now).

As I build my photography knowledge, hopefully I’ll be able to present beautiful pictures that will make you drool.  No, not over feet, but maybe over some food.  Take for example Jessica over at How Sweet It Is.  Her pictures make me want to reach into my computer and take a bite!!  They are positively amazing.  Really.  Go take a look!

Happy Friday, everyone.  And, happy snapping!

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