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As consumers, we find ourselves in parking lots all the time.  As parents, we find ourselves in parking lots, and distracted, all the time.  Below are a list of a few helpful tips to keep you, and your little ones safe when you’re out and about.

Stay Alert

This one seems obvious, but many of us don’t realize just how distracted we are when we’re wrangling our kids in the car.  You have groceries to unload without breaking eggs and smashing bread.  You have kids to buckle in without pinching skin.  You are distracted from your surroundings.  It is just the nature of the beast.  So, force yourself to pay attention.  When I’m buckling my kids in, I stop at least once during the process to simply glance around.  Do you notice anyone walking close by?  Anything  grab your attention?  Probably not, but if you do, you’ll have a few extra seconds to react, and aren’t giving any potential thief or assailant the complete benefit of surprise.

Keep Your Keys With You

Please, please, please, do not leave your keys in the ignition when you’re loading kids into the car.  I know it gets hot in the summer, and cold in the winter.  The kids will be all right for the few extra minutes it takes to get everyone buckled in.  I keep my keys on a lanyard around my neck.  They are handy, I don’t lose them, and they stay with me.  If you need it, you can use the alarm button on your keys.  Preppy Mommy has a bunch of cute lanyards.  I’ve bought them before, and they are built to last.

Have Kids Keep a Hand on the Car

Since my second child was born, I have always had my oldest put a hand on the car when he’s waiting for me to get anyone else out of their car seat. It just makes good sense.  It gives them a concrete direction to follow (much better than “stay close!), and forces them to stand still.  I found this nifty little product which I have yet to try, but seems like it would be a little more fun than barking  “put a hand on the car!”.  Check out the Parking Pal.  Darn cute idea!

Park Close to the Shopping Carts

Before I had kids, I either parked far away (don’t ding my new car!) or I parked as close as I could to the entrance of my favorite store.  I never cared about where I had to pick up and or leave my shopping cart.  Being out and about with kids is a game changer.  I always try to park close to the shopping carts.  This allows me to a) get a shopping cart to put the baby in first, so I have an easier time getting to the entrance and b) put the cart away without moving far away from the car when I’m ready to leave.  I really, really try NOT to leave carts just sitting in the parking lot.  It’s a HUGE personal pet peeve of mine, and even though it’s a huge pain with kids, I always try to put the cart away.  Now there have been times when everyone is having a meltdown (including me) and it’s pouring down rain . . .at that point it’s better for everyone involved if I just leave the cart and get outta there!

Hopefully these tips help raise your awareness.  We’ve got to shop, right!?


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