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I just bought 12 ounces of organic raspberries at Costco for only $3.99.  In one sitting, my three kids polished off nearly 10 ounces of that package.  I wish they would tell me they were going to devour the whole package, so I could plan ahead and buy two packages.  Of course, had I purchased two packages, they would have sampled one raspberry each, and declared them “yucky”.

I wish my kids would tell me when they are going to nap for three hours at a stretch.  Then, I could plan ahead properly and begin a serious project.  Or (gasp!) take a nap myself.

I wish they would tell me when they are going to throw up.  Then I could swiftly guide them to the bathroom.  In time.  No fuss, no muss.

I wish they would tell me which stuffed animal will become their favorite of all time.  The one they must have to fall asleep.  Armed with this knowledge, I am Supermom.

All of these wishes, when boiled down to the core, simply would allow me to be prepared.  I love being prepared.  I love having the right snack and the right time, and preventing a hungry, toddler meltdown.  I love having the diaper bag stocked with all the necessities, allowing  me to deal with whatever life throws at me.  On the flipside, I hate being unprepared.

All of this leads me to this, one of motherhood’s best lessons:

Be as prepared as you can be, when you can be.  But, also be prepared to be unprepared.  Learning to roll with it, learning to adapt, those are skills we as moms have developed, honed, perfected.  So, just because you don’t feel prepared, doesn’t mean you’re not succeeding.


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What my husband did last night when he said he was going to go to bed:

  • Went upstairs
  • Brushed his teeth and flossed
  • Plugged in his phones to charge overnight
  • Got in bed
What I did last night when I said I was going to go to bed:
  • loaded the dishwasher
  • put away some laundry
  • cleaned off the kitchen counter-tops
  • set up the coffeepot for the morning
  • made my son’s lunch
  • started a blog post
  • read about potty training (next big thing for BDog)
  • wrote a check for Kindergarten tuition
  • fed the fish
  • put away stray toys
  • went upstairs
  • brushed my teeth and flossed
  • washed and moisturized my face (sucks to get old . . and live in the high desert)
  • checked on sleeping babies and gave them one more kiss
  • got in bed
Sound familiar, moms??  No wonder I never get to bed before 11:30pm.
What do you do when you say you’re off to bed?

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I was inspired to write this blog post by Kathy, over at Mama’s Losin’ It.  She got the idea from Ree, over at a little blog called The Pioneer Woman. Maybe you’ve heard of her?

Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!

So, here goes.

I am 36.

I have never:


1.  Set foot in Mexico

2.  Eaten rabbit

3.  Made my own tomato sauce

4.  Flown first class


5.  Ridden in a hot air balloon

6.  Gotten a tattoo

7.  Been to Africa

8.  Had a caesarean section

9.  Watched The Real Housewives (of any city)


10.  Been to Austin, Texas

11.  Made my own pasta (See also number 3)

12.  Been scuba diving

13.  Ran a marathon

14.  Been serenaded

15.  Feared for my life

16.  Sang karaoke (you’re welcome)


17.  Swam with dolphins

18.  Bought a loaf of Wonder Bread

19.  Driven a boat

20.  Pole vaulted

21.  Set foot in Europe

22.  Learned the butterfly stroke

23.  Received more than 7 comments on a blog post.  Will this be a new PR?  (I mean, I’m not asking for 800+, like Ree’s post, jeez!)

What are some things you have never done?

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I find myself so tired by the end of the day lately.  Not tired like a pregnant woman who falls asleep on the couch after dinner, and not tired like a new mommy who falls asleep while her newborn nurses sweetly, and rhythmically.  No, this isn’t one of those kinds of tired.  It is different all together.  It’s more like . . . mental and emotional . . . exhaustion.  My boys tag team me during the day, getting on each other’s nerves like only brothers can.  And, then once I’ve wrangled them in and out of the bath, into their jammies, brushed their teeth, and read stories, my littlest boy, B, has decided that getting out of bed at night (over, and over, and over) is much more fun and fulfilling than actually falling asleep.  Truthfully, at this point in the day, I am just done.  Completely drained.

But, I know there will come a day when I will (and I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it) really miss these days.  I know that someday it will once again be about me.  Will it . . . really?

On the days (more lately than usual) when I feel my life is really hard, I need to remember to reflect, and appreciate how lucky I really am.  I have three strong, beautiful, funny, and intelligent children.  I have the loving support of a husband who agrees it is important that I be home for these years.  I have in-laws who are caring, thoughtful, helpful, generous, and who are a big part of my children’s lives.  My parents are equally involved, caring for their grandchildren in ways I can’t.  They love them simply, without the messiness of being their parents.  They cheer them on, hug them tight, and love them unconditionally.  My kids are lucky.  So am I.  

I don’t have a child with autism.  I don’t have a special needs child.  I don’t have a child with health problems.  My husband and I are healthy.  We still have both of our parents, who get to spend time with our children on a regular basis.  I am so lucky.

So, why do I complain?  Because it is human nature.  We want more, with a side of more, and extra more.

So, I’m going to try remind myself to be grateful.  Sometimes just remembering not to sweat the small stuff is all it takes to improve perspective.   We just need reminders of what is the small stuff.  Today I’m going to hug my kids, and count to ten, rather than send steam out my ears, wasting precious energy being frustrated and irritated.  Because, I don’t want to be drained tonight.  And, being grumpy takes a lot of energy.

So, how do you improve your perspective, and keep things in check?

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Kristen, over at We Are THAT Family is having an ultra-mega giveaway.  She’s giving away a Tempur-Pedic mattress.  A really nice one.  Now, our mattress is only (only?!) 7 years old.  I think that means it’s entering it’s twilight years.  Not too many more and it should be replaced.

But, it’s actually aged more quickly than most.  I mean, check out this sad picture.  What is that?  Is that where the cat crawled under the pillow top to take a snooze?  No.

Is that where I stash my secret supply of neck warmers?  No.  I don’t know what it is.  But that speedbump has been there for years.  I think it’s time to go!

Photo courtesy of http://www.mainewarmers.com

So, I’m entering this contest.  Don’t worry.  Go ahead and enter.  I never win anything.  Well, that’s actually not true.  I once won a flashlight.  Don’t be too jealous of me.

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Wait . . . isn’t there a blog with that title?  Oh, yes, here it is!  http://www.ishouldbefoldinglaundry.com/  Beth has a great site, you should check it out!

But . . . back to this post.  I really should be folding laundry.  Or cleaning the kitchen.  Or planning dinner.  But the house is . . . quiet.  For the first time today.

So, rather than do the smart, predictable, productive, and mommy-like things that need to be done, I am gabbing away here.  I actually think that’s healthy, too (or at least I tell myself that so I don’t feel too guilty).  I do need something that is just for me.  Something that is therapeutic, and that I enjoy.  This fits in well, too, with my life with three little ones.  I don’t need a sitter (although that would be nice), and I absolutely adore the community of friends and women who read this and can relate.

But it does beg the question, what did I do all day that kept me from folding the laundry that’s poured over a portion of my couch?  I know I haven’t sat down, except to feed the baby.  So . . . what have I been doing?

Jo-Lynne wrote a post at Musings of a Housewife almost a year ago titled What Do You Do All Day?  I have revisited that post today, and I’m tempted to keep a time sheet (as she did) to see just where my time goes.

I’m sure that making meals and cleaning up meals takes up a chunk of my day.  And there is the shuttling of my oldest to and from camp this week.   And we did take a much needed trip to Target this afternoon.  Oh, and I mopped the kitchen floor (was way past the deadline on that one).  But, seriously.  I mean, I didn’t even shower this morning.  Don’t wrinkle your nose.  You know you’ve had mornings (days) like that.  And, I did shower last night.  So there.

But, where did the time go?  What else was I doing?  I think I will track my time and see what happens.  Wanna join the club?  All the cool kids are doing it. . .

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I hear this all the time.  From the lady shopping in the same aisle at the grocery store, from the guy behind the counter at Starbucks.  It’s like the mommy-equivalent of “oh, you got your hair cut!”.  Or, “you look tired”.

Seriously?  Of course I’ve got my hands full.  Thanks for noticing.  I’ve got three kids.  Only one of them can adequately speak for himself, and doesn’t need his bottom wiped every two hours.

Once, after dropping my oldest son off at preschool, my two-year old, the baby and I hit Target.  We weren’t 10 steps in the door when I got hit with this:

“Oh, you only have two today?”

Seriously?  Do I know you?  The comment came from a twenty-something wearing a name tag and a red shirt.  I didn’t know her.  Didn’t even recognize her.  My first thought was UH-OH.  Her comment meant one of two things:

1) I shop at Target WAY too much . . . OR

2) We are WAY too memorable when we do go

I think I have a pretty good handle on my kids (most of the time).  Especially the little ones.  My 5-year-old can be a little much, but that’s for another post (can you say high-maintenance?).  So, I don’t think it’s that people remember us because we’re throwing tantrums over Lego’s (although there was that one December trip where we broke a snow-globe, but that was a total accident and it was over 2 years ago . . .).

So, this makes me wonder. . . Do you ever get the “busy lady” or “hands full” comments?  Can’t people come up with something more interesting or helpful to say?  How about, “your children are beautiful”, or “here, let me get that for you”.  THAT would be a welcome change.  Or, maybe I should just be happy they aren’t shooting us dirty looks . . .

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