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I was inspired to write this blog post by Kathy, over at Mama’s Losin’ It.  She got the idea from Ree, over at a little blog called The Pioneer Woman. Maybe you’ve heard of her?

Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!

So, here goes.

I am 36.

I have never:


1.  Set foot in Mexico

2.  Eaten rabbit

3.  Made my own tomato sauce

4.  Flown first class


5.  Ridden in a hot air balloon

6.  Gotten a tattoo

7.  Been to Africa

8.  Had a caesarean section

9.  Watched The Real Housewives (of any city)


10.  Been to Austin, Texas

11.  Made my own pasta (See also number 3)

12.  Been scuba diving

13.  Ran a marathon

14.  Been serenaded

15.  Feared for my life

16.  Sang karaoke (you’re welcome)


17.  Swam with dolphins

18.  Bought a loaf of Wonder Bread

19.  Driven a boat

20.  Pole vaulted

21.  Set foot in Europe

22.  Learned the butterfly stroke

23.  Received more than 7 comments on a blog post.  Will this be a new PR?  (I mean, I’m not asking for 800+, like Ree’s post, jeez!)

What are some things you have never done?


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I love my kids, really, I do.  They are my favorite parts of the day, and I learn from them all the time.  But, seriously, I cannot WAIT until I don’t have to bring the kitchen sink when we leave for a few days. 

The boys need toys to play with (this will always be the case, but as teenagers, I’m sure I won’t need to bring full-sized dump trucks with me).  The baby needs a bumbo.  There are diapers in two different sizes, baby wipes, snacks, baby food, bottles, oh, and my favorite – the Pack n Play.  I even brought the Exersaucer on one week long trip.  Ugh.  Some would argue it’s not all necessary, but it sure makes life on the trip a lot more relaxed and much easier.  I think.

The alternative is staying home.  That just doesn’t sound fun.  As much of a pain as it is to pack the right way (er, my way) for a trip with all three kids, it sure beats staying put.  We stay home enough.  Summer is for exploring, getting out there, and getting away.  The trips we’ve taken have not been elaborate or fancy.  But, we have been exploring, and the kids have seen waterfalls, beaches, lakes, rivers, and lots of sunshine. 

So, I suppose it is worth it.  Although the half day it takes to pack (and unpack, I never seem to come home with less than I left the driveway with) makes me a little envious of parents whose kids are out of diapers.  And, out of the house.  Ha!  But, I do know I will miss these days.  In fact, I took several hundred photos over our last trip.  Because I know next summer, only 12 months from now, things will be very different.  Kids will be older, interests will be different.  And, maybe I’ll only have to pack diapers for ONE kid!!

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