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This recipe is adapted from Ina Garten’s recipe found here.  I love Ina’s recipes, and have several of her books.  I adapted this one for summer grilling. I also used boneless skinless chicken breasts.  I always have these in the freezer, and they’re a healthier alternative.  Of course, when you slather them in the Basil Butter . . . well they’re just plain delicious.  There, I said it.


4 boneless sinless chicken breasts

5 ounces herbed goat cheese

20 whole fresh basil leaves, divided

For Basil Butter:

6 T butter

fresh basil leaves


Chop up your fresh basil leaves.  This way it’s done before you get the raw chicken out and on your cutting board.  The Pioneer Woman has a beautiful tutorial called (what else?!) . . . “How to . . . Chiffonade Basil” .  Check it out. Her pictures are so much prettier than mine.

Next, cut a pocket into each chicken breast.

Slice the goat cheese into four thick slices, and insert (squish!) one into each chicken breast.  Stuff a generous amount of your yummy basil into each pocket while you’re at it.

At this point, you can cover tightly and refrigerate for a few hours before grilling.  Don’t you love having the prep done before dinner time?

Before you grill, prepare your Basil Butter for basting.  Um, YUM.  To do this, simply combine the rest of your fresh chopped basil with some very soft butter.

Side note . . . I soooo wish I could take pictures like this one, from PW.  Didn’t I tell you hers were prettier?  I mean, really, it’s gorgeous.

Anyway . . . here’s what your butter should look like.  You can also prepare this ahead of time and refrigerate.

Now, baste your chicken (both sides) and grill it up!

This is a seriously easy, and equally delicious dish.  Friends will think you’re high-brow because you a) stuffed your chicken breasts and b) used goat cheese.  You will a) bask in the loving glow of your friend’s adoration and b) sip wine leisurely because your prep was done well in advance.  You are so smart!



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