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Very soon my husband, the two boys, my mother and father-in-law, and sister and brother-in-law will be cruising around the Disneyland Resort, staying at the Grand Californian, and even enjoying a fun-filled Character Breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen.  But, what to wear?  Especially since the pool is going to get some quality play time, too.  I mean, have you seen it?

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I have worn a two piece since the baby was born, but it’s kind of like wearing open-toed shoes when you’re in bad need of a pedicure: I really shouldn’t.  So, I picked up this cute little suit while shopping online at JCrew today:


Here’s to hoping it a) doesn’t look too old on me, b) fits, and c) looks decent.  I have bought lots of swimwear online at JCrew before, but it’s always been bikini separates, and I know how those fit me.  A one piece is a whole different ballgame.  However, this was on sale, and I got an extra 30% off, so what was originally $88, I paid just over $20 for.

As for clothing for the rest of the trip, I also picked up a short-sleeved denim top perfect for layering when mornings are cool:


This shirt should be comfy (for long days) and will offer a little more style than a staple, such as a t-shirt.  I also plan on bringing an assortment of capris, and shorts, such as these, also from JCrew:


These are my favorite shorts.  Ever.  They are comfortable, flattering, and come in a rainbow of colors.  And, being from JCrew, I know the fit will be consistent.  Sold!  Over the years I have purchased many pairs of the JCrew Chino shorts.  It seems I collect them in different lengths and colors.  The good news?  I can attest to the fact that they wear well, too.  I have a couple pairs that are at least 6 years old.

I also plan on bringing my Teva’s (they might not be fashion-forward, but they are comfy, and go with most anything):


My final must-haves for this vacation will be my lightweight, zip-up hoodie (the best layering piece for a casual vacation), and in case I actually get to go out to dinner . . . a great pair of jeans from the Gap (with a pair of flats).  My current favorite is the 1969 Perfect Boot Jeans:


So, there you have it.  Flattering, comfortable, and stylish clothes, perfect for a casual vacation.

What are your favorite vacation clothing picks?

Note: For more great ideas on style and fashion, check out Musings of a Housewife.  She should know, she also co-owns All Things Chic!


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