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I just ordered a new car seat for my middle son (age 2 and a slight 25 pounds), and I am so excited!

It’s not just any car seat.  It’s a Sunshine Kids Radian 65SL.

The Radian is known for 1) safety and 2) narrow profile.  Per the Sunshine Kids website: “. . . the Radian 65 fits three-across in a mid-size car while providing more shoulder room for the child occupant .”  Sold, and sold!

So you understand, my three kids are crammed like sardines in the second row of my Toyota RAV4.  It is a fantastic car, but not necessarily known for it’s, er, roominess.  At least not with three car seats.  The back, oh yeah, I can pack all kinds of craziness back there.  Because there’s no third row.  But, I do love my car.  Don’t get me wrong.  I would be sad to see it go.  I am continually amazed at what I can fit in that thing.  But if something doesn’t change soon, I’m going to go crazy, and my husband is going to come home to find a Suburban where its little sister used to be parked.

The main issue I have is that the car seats are soooo close together.  My oldest son’s booster is seriously squished against the car door.  So much so that it kind of tilts slightly, and I’m just convinced it is unsafe.  And, because there is no room between the seats, he can’t reach the seat belt to buckle himself in.  And, NO ONE ELSE is able to buckle him in in under 10 minutes.  I have earned a degree in this area, and can usually do it in 10 seconds or less.  But this gets old.  Very old.

So, I’m starting with a new car seat that is a full three inches narrower than my middle son’s current ride.  That’s a lot of real estate in my backseat.  It’s supposed to arrive sometime this week, and I absolutely cannot wait.  Once I get this installed, I am planning on stopping by a local checkpoint to have the safety of the backseat reviewed by a professional.  Then I might feel better about the whole situation.

If you don’t quite yet think I’m nerdy enough, I am also shopping for a seat belt extender for my oldest son’s booster seat.  You know, so he can buckle himself in like a normal 5-year-old.  And, that thought makes me just giggle like a little schoolgirl.  Or a devilish witch . . . booohhaahahaaaww!

A friend just bought one for the backseat of their Highlander, and I was drooling with jealousy . . . I’ve got my eye on one like this:

I am continually amazed, now that I have kids, at the things I wish to spend my money on.  The newest, coolest, prettiest fall sweater at JCrew? Nope, a trip to moreofmetolove.com!  Ugh . . .


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