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This post should have been up this morning.  Well, technically it is still the morning.  Barely.  Here in the West.

It’s been one of those mornings.  You know, the ones where 3 kids in the house feels like 13.  And, I want to tear my hair out.  Or, put the kids out with the recycling.  Or, suck on a tailpipe.

Anyyyyywayyyy . . . here you go.  My current list of favorite apps.  I’m sure there are hundreds more that would make my life richer, easier, faster, simpler, and more fun.  If you know of any, show me some love!  I’m off to give a hug, fix a snack, give someone a timeout, and, maybe, finally, finish my coffee.

Instagram  (Free!)

Love, love, love this!  It is easy to take pics, and SUPER easy to share them on either Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and more.  I am new to using it, but am having fun playing around with all the different filters.  My sister loves it because I’ve shared more pics in the last week than I have since my first was born. Hehe!

Camera+  ($1.99)

Fabulous, and pretty  much turns your Iphone into an SLR.  Am loving this new App!  Get this:  timer, stabilizer, crop, and edit your photos.  Add filters, upload to Facebook, Twitter and more.  Also has tons of scenery modes, and you can even flip the picture.  In a word.  Awesome.  In two words.  Buy it.

JellyDoodle  ($.99)

It is official:  my kids LOVE this app.  Totally worth the dough.  Kids can create jelly shapes (there are a TON to choose from, including a bear, cupcake, pretzel, and many, many more) that they can then decorate with all kinds of fun stuff.

From Babble.com:  JellyDoodle is one of those apps that really must be played to be believed, because the kid-friendly concept sounds completely outrageous. You create shapes made out of gelatin that you can then manipulate around your iPhone screen. The app currently provides dozens of different mold shapes including kangaroo, bear, cupcake and many more (if you can’t find the mold that you are looking for, you can also draw your own). Mix up your gelatin by adjusting sliders that change the color, then tilt your iPhone and “pour” it into your chosen mold. Next come the add-ins, or “doodads” as JellyDoodle calls them — choose from the provided ones or upload a photo from your phone. When your mold is stuffed with doodads, it’s time to set the gelatin free. Manipulate it by dragging your finger around the screen or give it the JellyDoodle treatment: A “Slurp” option allows you to use a straw on the gelatin. (And, yes, lovely slurping sound effects are included!) When you’re finished, “pump” your gelatin full of air until it literally explodes on your screen.

Locavore  ($2.99)

Love this!  Find out what produce is seasonal in your area, and how much longer it will be in season.  It uses the GPS in your phone to help you find local farmer’s markets, too!  It didn’t find the two closest to me, but given that they are new, I’m not that surprised.

From Babble.com:  The app even serves up basic information (from Wikipedia) on each fruit or vegetable along with simple recipes, and you can also share local finds with your friends via Facebook. But Locavore is mostly useful as a navigation system to your local farmer’s market — although keep in mind that, given how small and non-tech-y many of these markets are, the app may not have information on all of them.


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