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Well, I’ve been right here.  But, I have been so, so, so BUSY.  And, I am officially baaaaack!  So sorry to my readers.  It’s been an unplanned hiatus, and a LOT has happened.  Here are the updates!

1.  My baby girl turned 1!

She had a beautiful birthday party, which I had a BLAST planning, preparing, and attending.  I have never had one of my kid’s birthday parties at a “place”.  I’ve always had it at home, and once, we had a party at a local park (it was great, by the way!).  But, I highly recommend having a party hosted.  We did ours at a local kids playplace called The Playroom.  In short, it was fab.

Loving the slide, with a little hand from Grandma


2.  B is now potty trained!

Just shy of the 2 1/2 mark, I decided to potty train my little guy boot camp style.  We had played around with the potty, and had had lots of quality sitting time, but he had never had any success.  I could tell he was ready, however.  He’s smarter than your average toddler, and he’s also got a big brother to keep up with.  Plus, when he was pooping in his diaper, he would leave the room, and go somewhere quiet.  If I snuck up on him, he would ask me politely to “go away”, and with a swift, dismissive wave, he would usher me out.   So, on a Monday afternoon, I just put the little guy in underwear.  He peed in his underwear all afternoon, and most of the next day.  But, by bedtime on Day 2, he was peeing in the potty every 2 minutes.  He was positively HOOKED.  And, I can’t believe I’m saying this, and don’t hate me, but he’s never had an accident.  Don’t get too jealous.  See, I deserve this.  Potty training my oldest boy took me nearly a year, and shortened my life by at least that much.

3.  I am now working out in the mornings!

It seems crazy, I know.  But, it is actually working for me.  Knock on wood, or my granite counter top, because it’s closest.  When I get up early to workout, I don’t have to a) drag the kids with me, b) worry about if they have runny noses and should really be infecting other kids at Kids Klub, c) deal with K crying the whole time, and only being able to work out for 20 minutes, d) pack snacks and drinks like we’re going on safari.  Plus, sometimes I actually get home, and can have a first sip of coffee before anyone comes downstairs and needs a hug, bowl of cereal, glass of milk, or their nose wiped.  Ahhh, the simple joys.

4.  Did you know Christmas is less than 6 WEEKS AWAY?!


How did this happen??  Well, it is what it is, and here are some of my favorite resources for planning a Christmas that is joyful, relaxing, memorable, and with a whole lot less stress.  Pour a cup, and snuggle up for some good reading!

Life as Mom.


Simple Mom.



I’m an Organizing Junkie.


Organized Home.


So, what is new with you?!


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Links to Love

For the long weekend, a little fun reading for you.  Enjoy!

1.  Here is the recipe I settled on to make my pesto.  Yes, I’m hammering away at my to do list!  While I’m at it, I’m going to make a couple batches of the pizza dough included in this post as well.  We love to make homemade pizza at our house, but for some reason, it’s dropped out of rotation.  I’m bringing it back, baby!  Can’t wait to try this recipe for Classic Summer Pesto from Aimee at Simple Bites.

2.  I just picked up a whole bunch of Fuji apples.  These are popular around our house, and can definitely be served in simple slices.  My kids gobble them up.  But, I’m going to introduce them to delicious, hearty, rustic, baked apples.  Don’t this just look perfect?  Check out Kristen’s recipe over at Dine and Dish.

3.  You may have heard about the uproar over JC Penney’s t-shirt.  You know the one.  If you don’t, Scary Mommy summed it up quite well.  There are so many takes on this, although they all pretty much end up at the same place.  In the end, we know if they chose to continue selling this shirt, certain people would buy it.  Certain other people would not.  End of story.  Move on, people.  In the meantime, check out Too Pretty To Do Homework.

4.  This last link is not something delicious to make, or a controversial topic, it’s purely a chance to win something cool!  Stacey, over at I’m a Lazy Mom, is giving away a Kindle and an $80 gift card to start loading up your new Kindle.  So, need I elaborate?  Go ahead.  You’ll dilute my chances of winning, but really, it’s ok.

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!!

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Back to School – Apple Pops from The Idea Room.

Lemon Basil Ice Cream from Family Fresh Cooking.

Pineapple Limeade Cooler Recipe from goodLife {eats}

Make a Ruffled Laptop Bag via Tator Tots and Jello from Less Cake {more frosting}.

The Night at the Big Red Barn from NoBiggie.

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